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Power System MCQ PDF 1. In ac distribution system the voltage can be controlled by using (a) tap changing transformer. (b) booster transformer (c) induction regulator. (d) any of the above. Answer: (d) any of the above. 2. Tap changing transformers are employed for (a) stepping down the voltage. (b) stepping up the voltage. » We provide you study material i.e. PDF's for offline use. » We take free online Practice/Mock test for exam preparation. » Each MCQ is open for further discussion on discussion page. » All the services offered by McqMate are free. 16) Decide which infinite geometric series has a sum. a. ½ – 1 + 2 – 4 + b. 64 + 48 + 36 + 27 + c. d. 16 – 20 + 25 – 21.25 + Evaluate the infinite geometric series, if possible. 17) 18) Solve the given problems. 19) An auditorium contains 10 seats in the first row, 12 seats in the second, 14 in the third, and so on.
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